Everyone always asks....

Q: Why the Mystery print???

A: YOU MUST BE TRYING TO GET RID OF OLD STOCK!!!!! You couldn't be further from the truth. I'm not going to lie, it started as that for sure. We no longer do live shows now that the world is on fire so we had a lot of inventory to move. But it's evolved into something new, something better. We carefully select a print for each order just for you, based on what you have purchased or what we know about you through the powers of the internet. This will include and extra piece of a set you did not quite purchase. Items so limited that it wouldn't be worth it to create a listing (medical textbooks go fast!), or even on the rare occasion something completely custom just for you. So if you get something so unique and special that you can't stand it, share it with the world or don't... i'm not your mother!  It's yours to keep, just know that it was chosen just for you. 

Q: Limited Addition... You must feel pretty dumb for spelling it incorrectly?

A: I feel pretty and dumb most days, but not about that. That name was carefully selected after a lot of liqueur and a light bulb moment for how clever we were. We print our Additions (artwork) onto materials (donated book pages) that are Limited. Which is code for limitededition.ca was taken. 

Q: Is Adam really that tall?

A: Yes

Q: Aren't you guys just book murderers?

A: NO! Not at all, we love books. The books we use have been donated by you all and were chosen because they were damaged and or destined for the landfill. We carefully clean and salvage as many usable pages for printing. We would never "hurt" a book.... Actually now that I think about, Adam assaulted a book once, but the charged were dropped. 

Q: Where did you get that frame in your photos??

A: The photos of all frames on our website were all taken about ten years ago and the frames were from Ikea. We cut each page 11" by  8.5" which is easy to find a standard frame size for. Look for certificate frames or larger frames and get a custom mat cut. Personally, i like them best in the glass floating frames. 

Q: You say the dictionaries are over 100 years old, but the page I got says 1996. 

A: This was a real question we got once. The set we have been using for quite awhile now are from 1914. The pages are beautiful and some include really cool illustrations. We make sure that the illustrations do not "ruin" the print. A lot of prints were not used as they ended up with a huge beetle or some drawing right in the middle of someones face. We keep these prints for ourselves. The books are so large that in this example, the page number 1996 was seen and they assumed it was the date. After much back and forth we provided sufficient evidence to prove that the pages were really old:) Proof available upon request.

Q: I cant give this as a gift, it says Anal Prolapse on it! Did you do that on purpose?

A: Much like the Dictionaries, the medical pages we send are completely random. We do not proofread each page (mostly we are looking for anything that ruins the print). But mistakes happen, and to be honest, some people like weird stuff. If for whatever reason you don't like your print, send it back. We will do anything possible to make you happy. 

Q: Hows the divorce going?

A: No more questions.....

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